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My name is Meredith C. Bullock and I am a full-time artist, designer, creative business consultant and strategist helping other artist treat their art, their music or their craft like their job. I recently moved to Nashville, TN with my black cat and very handsome and talented husband.

A lot of changes have been happening over here on my blog while I prepare for my new business venture and launch this fall. You may notice less wedding and more creative business design, artwork and posts. That’s because my main focus these days is helping other creatives like you, live their dream. Working together with creatives to identify or rediscover their mission, brand their business and map out a strategic plan is what I live for. I love creating, designing and developing fresh new brands and direction for businesses like The McCartneys, Knit Collage, 13:13 Photography, Kelly Kaufman and more.

I currently offer the following services:

  • hand-lettering & calligraphy
  • custom watercolor, painting, illustration and artwork
  • creative business branding and identity design
  • graphic design
  • website and blog design
  • logo design
  • strategic business planning
  • social and online marketing and communication planning
  • business consulting and coaching
  • mapping out how to get from here to there

If you think we’d be a good fit or have any questions about what I do and how we may work together – simply email me: [email protected] . If you’re anything like me and thrive on face-to-face communication, email me to schedule a free video or phone chat to meet each other, go over your vision and how we may begin to work together to make it a reality.

Here on my blog, you will find my latest work, business tips, inspirational images & content and interviews & spotlights on artists, musicians and Become Your Dream creatives. Become Your Dream spotlights, applauds and interviews creatives that exude that positive energy and inspiration that is key to making big things happen. They inspire me – and hopefully creatives like you – to reach for the stars and to never give up. If you feel you have a unique success story that would enrich and inspire others, email me to say hi or to share your creative endeavors – I’d love to hear from you!

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Most photography can be credited to me unless otherwise noted. Feel free to share or use any images with proper credit. Photo on left taken by Laura Catherine Photography and photo on right by Manifesto Designs.