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11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio 1 1 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio book shelf 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio dresser 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio 2 copy 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio chairs 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio art 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio clipboard decor 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio ceramic vase 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio 3 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio lamp1 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio plants 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

As I settle into my new home, I begin to piece together the most important room in my house (at least to me it’s the most important – my husband probably may disagree). I have found an immense amount of inspiration from pinterest here on a board called Studio / Spaces. I have picked out top 11 and picked out several decor items that I am scouring ebay, garage and estate sales for. If my mom was here, she would have all of these at my front door by Sunday – she attends auctions and estate sales like it’s nobodies business.

  • fig. 1) I love everything about this studio. The brick walls, the red hair, the orange skirt, the rug, the everything. Someday I will have exposed brick walls. Sigh.
  • fig. 2) I need more book shelves. I have officially filled my first book shelf and need more shelving for my growing book collection.
  • fig. 3) I need a dresser. Not for clothes, but for art tools , supplies and materials. I love the look of an old, vintage style dresser without handles and low legs. I found this one etsy and of course it’s sold. I imagine I couldn’t afford the shipping alone on this anyway.
  • fig. 4) I need a reading nook. I try to read at least 30″ a day, if not more. I can’t do it at my desk, because then I feel like I am working. So for now, I’ve been retiring to my coach when I find time to read. Perhaps my garden (when it cools down – it’s been in the 80′s and 90′s here in Nashville) would be a good place to read? Thoughts?
  • fig. 5) I need chairs. One for me and one for my client for those moments when we’re brainstorming ideas of how to make their art, music or craft their job so they can start living their dreams. Yeah, those moments need chairs, and comfortable ones.
  • fig. 6) I need your artwork. Yes, I have my own artwork, but I need your artwork. I need artwork that moves me, inspired me and takes me to a place I have never imagined before. Any ideas for artwork?  This artwork is Debbie Carlos and her work is amazzzing.
  • fig. 7) I love this idea of clipboards. I suppose I don’t need this, but I love to be organized and perhaps this would be a great addition to the decor and my need to stay clean.
  • fig. 8) I need vases & jars for utensils. I have a crazy amount of pens, paintbrushes, calligraphy pens, pencils, markers…. And like I said, staying organized equals a happy life. I found this one on etsy.
  • fig. 9) I love this window, all of the old wood and chipped walls. I don’t think I could actually work it this space due to the darkness, but it seems romantic and edgy, like a place I could write my first book.
  • fig. 10) I need lamps, a lot of them. I am lucky enough to have a sun-drenched room during the day. But in reality, I am here when it’s dark too and there are zero lights/fixtures in this room except for my lonely desk lamp (that my mom gave me). I found this lamp at Ikea, but really I need this lamp times 2 plus 2 floor lamps.
  • fig. 11) I need more plants. I already have a large array of plants that made it safe all the way down south, but My mother-in-law says that having bamboo plants in your home is good feng shui. So I need to find some bamboo plants.

I would’ve posted at least 15 more images of studios and ideas I loved, but I had to post this blog at some point today. As I set off on my search for old vintage furniture, lamps, vases, plants and artwork, do you have any suggestions on where to look and what gives your home studio the perfect balance of inspiration and peace?


Music | A Weekend in Nashville

music band nashville 2 Music | A Weekend in Nashville

blank range nashville Music | A Weekend in Nashville

kin ship nashville 1 Music | A Weekend in Nashville

kin ship nashville Music | A Weekend in Nashville

music band nashville Music | A Weekend in Nashville

Our first weekend in Nashville was full of neon lights, loud music and Ithaca friends. Music Band, Blank Range and Kin Ship were the rock and roll bands who preformed and you can listen to their music by clicking their names. That’s right, it’s not all country music down here and you can read more about the flourishing indie music scene here on No Country for New Nashville.

Here is a playlist I’ve been listening to lately: Starred 

- – - – -

Are you a musician looking for some direction, help with launching your new record, booking shows, or struggling on how to finally quit your day job and start doing what you love? I can help you do that and currently I am offering Creative Business Coaching for musicians like you. Click here to learn more and how we can start working together to make your dreams a reality.

Back to Business | Coaching for Artists, Musicians and Creatives

back to business coaching for artists musicians and creatives Back to Business | Coaching for Artists, Musicians and Creatives

It has been over a month since I’ve worked a full week. Maintaining a business while in transit and planning for my new business launch has been a challenge. As a creatives, artists and musicians you may relate when I say my work is my life, my mission, what I was put on this earth to do. So prolonging it or putting it off feels criminal.

Today is my first day back and I feel like a bird out of a cage. So many ideas and positive energy are being put to paper, my wings are wide and my journey is far.

As some of you may remember from my previous posts here and here, I am most excited about my new direction of Business Coaching/Consulting for Artists, Musicians and Creatives. I have been working with creatives for several years now, mostly through business branding and visual direction. I have learned that not only do I love to helping creatives brand their product or services, I have also learned that I love to help artists and musicians identify their goals, conquer their fears and help guide them from where they are today to where they want to go in the future.

Basically, I help creatives like you uncover or rediscover your dream, assess where you are and where you wanna go, then create a strategy to make it happen. It’s beautiful magic – your own, inner-magic that I help you discover, harness and use to make your dreams a reality.

I am very ready to jump-start this new direction, so I am currently offering Business Coaching for Artists, Musicians and Creatives at a discounted rate from now till October 1st, 2013.

Business Coaching for Artists, Musicians and Creatives

  • $50 – for 1 – 45″ Business Coaching Session
  • $90 – for a package of 2 – 45″ Business Coaching Sessions
  • $120 – for a package of 3 – 45″ Business Coaching Sessions

*These prices are good till October 1, 2013. My typical hourly rate is $125/hour and is subject to change in the future. I have created these discounted rates in order to jump-start my business launch. 

What your investment will include: 45″ minutes of my time and expertise learning more about you, your business and your vision via Skype, Facetime or phone. Through a series of questions and tools I will help you identify your dreams and goals, overcome fears, create a strategy and help get you to where you want to go.

Who is this offering for: Artists, musicians, creatives, photographers and designers that feel stuck, uninspired, insecure or defeated trying to get from here to there and can’t quite figure out what to do next.

How to hire me: If you feel like we’d be a good fit and want to reserve your spot before October 1st, 2013, please email me at [email protected]This offering is limited to 6 creatives on a fist come/first serve basis. 

If you have any questions about your business and coaching, feel free to email me at [email protected]. If you would like to receive free business advice and inspiration directly to your inbox, simply subscribe to my blog by entering your email in the “subscribe” box to the right of this blog. And to stay tuned to whats happening daily, follow me on instagram.


2 Years Today

2 years today 2 2 Years Today

2 years today 4 2 Years Today

2 years today 2 Years Today

2 years today 3 2 Years Today

2 years today I married this man.

We met almost 4 years ago. Back them Nick was in a very successful, touring-frequently band and I was exhibiting my artwork and proudly calling myself an artist. We shared the passion to express ourselves and to inspire others with our creations. At that time Nick was teaching music and in a trio called Revision. I was in my 10th year of hair styling and exhibiting art at local restaurants and cafe’s.

Within the first year of dating, Nick and I both started new businesses. Nick created an amazing business plan and launched the Nick Bullock Rock School. I opened The Brides Hairstylist, a business that provided on-site hair styling for weddings.

One year later we got married and I opened my second business Hazel Wonderland. In June 2012 I retired from doing hair and officially became self-employed! It was one of the biggest accomplishments of our lives – I say our lives, because I couldn’t have done it without the daily support and faith from my husband Nick. This spring of 2013 I finished my last wedding for The Brides Hairstylist and stepped into full-time artist land.

Ever since the day Nick and I met, we both dreamed about moving out-of-state and becoming artists. At first we thought Colorado, then maybe New York City. Finally we arrived at the idea of Nashville – read more about us moving to Nashville here.

Now, almost 2 years later our dreams are coming true. Nick has built up such an amazing business with Nick Bullock Rock School that he was able to sell it to Hickey’s Music. He also has grown so much as a musician and song-writer (seriously, he is so talented, you need to click here to listen to his work) that he has had his music featured in ads and television shows, like the Ringer. He started his own band called The Sound Awake. Released his first solo album (email me for a free download) and is about to release 2 more brand new albums (that I will be doing all of the artwork and design for!).

My business Hazel Wonderland has been so successful and life-changing for me. I have met  and created for so many wonderful people from all over the world! Hazel Wonderland has helped me learn so much about myself as an individual and entrepreneur that I am about to launch my 3rd, self-titled business Meredith Bullock. This business will be business and brand consulting and visioning for creative entrepreneurs, artists and musicians. I believe this is what I was put on this earth to do, to help others become their dream. To help them discover, learn and grow. I am so elated about this big change and can’t wait to tell you more. Stay tuned by subscribing to my blog by entering your email into the box just above the “SUBSCRIBE” button (on the right column of this blog), then press “SUBSCRIBE”. You will receive updates directly in your inbox and you may unsubscribe at any time. You may also follow me on instagram, pinterest, twitter or facebook to stay tuned.

2 years today, I married the man of my dreams. Someone who loves me passionately and unconditionally, someone who inspires me, someone who makes me laugh uncontrollably, someone who supports and believes in me (even when I am about to quit my gravy train day job to pursue my art career), someone who encourages me to grow and become a better person and someone who takes care of me when I can’t take care of myself.

Happy Anniversary darling!

Pictures (from top to bottom): 1) Our first photograph taken together at one of my art exhibits. 2) Our engagement photo taken by my talented sister. 3) My favorite photo from our wedding day, taken by Anna. 4) A picture of Nick playing, me listening on our honeymoon in Jamaica – taken by me. This photo montage reminds me that we new, updated photos of us!

Quit Your Day Job and Follow Your Dreams

Quit Your Day Job Art and Music Quit Your Day Job and Follow Your Dreams

Are you an artist or musician and want to make your passion your full-time job? Good news – it is possible and together, we can make it happen!

I help creatives like you, become their dream by uncovering your brand, inspiring action, identifying your target audience, establishing a presence and more. Learn more by clicking here or emailing me at [email protected].

Now lets go make your dream a reality!

Still have questions? Contact me today to schedule a 10 minute chat.

Design Inspiration

Art and design inspiration 14 Design Inspiration

Anagrama – link here

art and design inspiration 15 Design Inspiration

Ah Studio – link here

Art and design inspiration 11 Design Inspiration

Carla Cascales – link here

Art and design inspiration 13 Design Inspiration

 Jonathan Finch and Rosalind Stoughton – link here


I love how clean and understated the designs and typography are, juxtaposed with delicate and muted paper.

As a designer and visual director, I love finding inspiration from artists, like above, on pinterest. Follow my board by clicking here if you want more delicious inspiration.

Illustrated Food: Star Fruit

Star Fruit Watercolor Illustration1 Illustrated Food: Star Fruit

Star Fruit Photograph1 Illustrated Food: Star FruitIn 30 minutes, without sketching, I illustrated this star fruit with 5 different watercolor paints. This is not the best result illustration I’ve ever done, but I am going to embrace it’s imperfections.

The beautiful star fruit, also known as carambola, is native to Malayan peninsula and many part of Asia, Pacific Island and China. The star fruit can be consumed raw entirely, peel and all. This fruit can sometimes be sweet or sour with edible seeds in the center. The star fruit is a great source of dietary fiber, vitamin C and complex B-vitamins like floats, riboflavin and pyridoxine. I enjoy slicing the star fruit (as pictured), then serving it on top of a fresh salad with goat cheese, carrots and a simple dressing.


Illustrated Food: DragonFruit

Dragon Fruit Illustration Watercolor Illustrated Food: DragonFruit

Dragon Fruit Photo Illustrated Food: DragonFruit

If you have been following my blog, you may have caught on that I love food. But not just any food, healthy, nourishing, colorful, organic, local and beautiful food.

I am always looking to grow my knowledge of plants, herbs and food so I thought I would pick up some new fruit I don’t know much about and have never tasted. Here is just one of many photos and illustrations of the fruits I sampled. This one is the  dragonfruit, or pitaya.

The dragon fruit is native to Mexico, Central and South America, but can be cultivated in places like East and South Asia, Hawaii and Australia. Like a kiwi, you consume the fleshy part, not the skin. Unlike the colorful and striking exterior of the fruit, the flesh was bland with a slight sweetness like that of a melon or kiwi. The dragonfruits are a good source of vitamin C and is rich in fiber and minerals like calcium and phosphorus. The seeds are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Dragonfruits contain phytoalbumins, which have antioxidant properties that help prevent the formation of cancer cells. Additionally, dragonfruits are also known to increase the excretion of heavy metal toxins from the body. These are just a few of several nutritional benefits you will find about the dragonfruit. More fruit and food profiles coming soon.

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Information for the dragonfruits was found here and here.

Scenes from Screen-Printing

Screen Printing Process 2 Scenes from Screen Printing

Silk Screen Printing Materials Needed Scenes from Screen Printing

Screen Printing Process 1 Scenes from Screen Printing

Screen Printing Process Scenes from Screen Printing

Screen Printing Process 4 Scenes from Screen Printing

Screen Printing process 5 Scenes from Screen Printing

Last week, I screen-printed menus & programs for a dear friend’s wedding. It looked like this.

Screen-printing tutorial coming soon, sign up to be notified (enter email where it says “SUBSCRIBE” and be notified each new post- I post about 2-3 times a week).

If A Picture Could Talk

1000WordPhoto If A Picture Could Talk

If this picture would speak, what would it say? More images like this coming soon on the NEW Website!

Photo by Laura Catherine.