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I Hired Braid Creative

Braid TaraKathleen I Hired Braid Creative

I just finished my creative consulting process with the ladies from Braid Creative & Consulting and now have a Brand & Vision Guide drenched in amazing content that sounds, feels and speaks my vision and services that I provide for artists and musicians – this picture is just one of many excerpts/examples from the Guide.

Braid Creative is a Brand + Vision Consulting team that helped me discover what I wanted to do, who I want to work with and how to say it. I hired them to help me brand and visualize my new business ideas so I can then offer them to creatives like you. If you can’t afford to hire them and need some help with your business, I recommend their very affordable and helpful E-Courses:

  1. Personal Branding
  2. Shape up Your Content and
  3. Dream Customer Catching

2 out of 3 of them I took and loved every little morsel I learned and still use the pdf’s! These courses are typically priced at $75, but as an affiliate member I can offer the classes to you for $50 with this coupon code here: BRAIDECOURSE50. To learn more about these classes and how they work, go here.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…isn’t this what you do for creatives? Actually, no. You see, what I do is help artists and musicians treat their art, their music or their craft like a job so they can treat their life’s dream into life’s work. I do this by offering services like goal-setting and visual styling and products like E-Courses and E-Books. Now, I haven’t created the E-Courses or Books yet, however I do offer visual direction, branding and a method that will help make your craft your work. Learn more about what I offer by emailing me here: [email protected]

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meredith bullock vision consultant for musicians and artists I Hired Braid Creative


Into the Gloss

In collaboration with local magazine Fresh Dirt and friend & talented photographer Allison Usavage, I created some calligraphy (actually just the word “ithaca”) and watercolor food illustrations for the Fall Issue 2012. I couldn’t wait to get my paws on a copy, thumb through all of the glossy (and sustainably sourced) pages.  I am thrilled to be a part of a magazine that supports and celebrates all things local and sustainable. That’s what I am ALL ABOUT.

IntotheGlossCover 600x415 Into the Gloss

IntotheGloss2 600x420 Into the Gloss

IntotheGloss1 600x420 Into the Gloss

IntotheGloss5 600x450 Into the Gloss

IntotheGloss4 600x414 Into the Gloss

IntotheGloss3 600x416 Into the Gloss

Become Your Dream

20121031 180835 Become Your Dream
Have a motivational quote or phrase you’d like to see on your wall or share with the world? Enter today to receive a chance to have your quote created into beautiful prints for all of the world to see. Your prize will be a high quality print of the original work of art and the joy of knowing that your quote will be shared with the world!

No purchase necessary and its free to enter. Simply submit your quote, first and last name and email to [email protected] . Soon after your submission, you will be informed if you have been chosen as a winner! Drawing is ongoing till Christmas with many chances to win.

Love is the only gold

lauracatherinephotographycopyright Love is the only gold

copyright © Laura Catherine Photography

I am so excited to share with you my new blog and this amazing photo all created and captured by my friend Katie. New products and website coming Thanksgiving Day!