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11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio 1 1 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio book shelf 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio dresser 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio 2 copy 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio chairs 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio art 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio clipboard decor 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio ceramic vase 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio 3 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio lamp1 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio plants 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

As I settle into my new home, I begin to piece together the most important room in my house (at least to me it’s the most important – my husband probably may disagree). I have found an immense amount of inspiration from pinterest here on a board called Studio / Spaces. I have picked out top 11 and picked out several decor items that I am scouring ebay, garage and estate sales for. If my mom was here, she would have all of these at my front door by Sunday – she attends auctions and estate sales like it’s nobodies business.

  • fig. 1) I love everything about this studio. The brick walls, the red hair, the orange skirt, the rug, the everything. Someday I will have exposed brick walls. Sigh.
  • fig. 2) I need more book shelves. I have officially filled my first book shelf and need more shelving for my growing book collection.
  • fig. 3) I need a dresser. Not for clothes, but for art tools , supplies and materials. I love the look of an old, vintage style dresser without handles and low legs. I found this one etsy and of course it’s sold. I imagine I couldn’t afford the shipping alone on this anyway.
  • fig. 4) I need a reading nook. I try to read at least 30″ a day, if not more. I can’t do it at my desk, because then I feel like I am working. So for now, I’ve been retiring to my coach when I find time to read. Perhaps my garden (when it cools down – it’s been in the 80′s and 90′s here in Nashville) would be a good place to read? Thoughts?
  • fig. 5) I need chairs. One for me and one for my client for those moments when we’re brainstorming ideas of how to make their art, music or craft their job so they can start living their dreams. Yeah, those moments need chairs, and comfortable ones.
  • fig. 6) I need your artwork. Yes, I have my own artwork, but I need your artwork. I need artwork that moves me, inspired me and takes me to a place I have never imagined before. Any ideas for artwork?  This artwork is Debbie Carlos and her work is amazzzing.
  • fig. 7) I love this idea of clipboards. I suppose I don’t need this, but I love to be organized and perhaps this would be a great addition to the decor and my need to stay clean.
  • fig. 8) I need vases & jars for utensils. I have a crazy amount of pens, paintbrushes, calligraphy pens, pencils, markers…. And like I said, staying organized equals a happy life. I found this one on etsy.
  • fig. 9) I love this window, all of the old wood and chipped walls. I don’t think I could actually work it this space due to the darkness, but it seems romantic and edgy, like a place I could write my first book.
  • fig. 10) I need lamps, a lot of them. I am lucky enough to have a sun-drenched room during the day. But in reality, I am here when it’s dark too and there are zero lights/fixtures in this room except for my lonely desk lamp (that my mom gave me). I found this lamp at Ikea, but really I need this lamp times 2 plus 2 floor lamps.
  • fig. 11) I need more plants. I already have a large array of plants that made it safe all the way down south, but My mother-in-law says that having bamboo plants in your home is good feng shui. So I need to find some bamboo plants.

I would’ve posted at least 15 more images of studios and ideas I loved, but I had to post this blog at some point today. As I set off on my search for old vintage furniture, lamps, vases, plants and artwork, do you have any suggestions on where to look and what gives your home studio the perfect balance of inspiration and peace?


Living the Gypsy Life

gypsy life Living the Gypsy Life

It’s been several days since I’ve sat down and dedicated time to writing here. Further, it’s been several weeks since we’ve had a home. My husband and I are living the gypsy life. On July 24th we moved out of our home and set off on a month-long voyage to travel and see family and friends before our send off to Nashville in late August. It was not an accident or a surprise giving up the luxuries of a home, we intentionally planned this temporary life. So if you do not see me here as often as usual in the next few weeks it’s because:

  • We’re swimming in the pool with my nieces and nephews
  • We don’t have internet service
  • We’re at a dinner party with my friends
  • We’re traveling to Nashville to sign a lease to our new home (I just returned from this 48 hour whirlwind and we have a new home, more to details soon)
  • We’re squeezing in every last-minute of family time we can
  • We’re vacationing with my husband’s family (8/16-8/25)
  • We’re in a car
  • We’re actually, finally moving to Nashville (8/27-9/4)

Although the gypsy life is exempt from the comfort of having a home, cooking delicious meals and watching movies - lugging around a suitcase full of clothes, a basket with my computer, scanner, paper, paint and brushes – isn’t so bad. I am still taking on new projects and working on several new and exciting projects everyday. See what I’ve been up to on my instagram and Facebook where I post most frequently.

If your interesting in working with me, email me here: [email protected]


We’re moving to Nashville, TN!

Were moving to Nashville1 Were moving to Nashville, TN!

After a spring full of traveling and exploration – looking for our new home – we have chosen Nashville, TN. We have begun to tell friends and here are some questions that most ask:

Why Nashville? Well, for my husband Nick, it was a no brainer. He is a crazy talented musician who fell in love with Nashville the moment we stepped foot in the city. Nick plays the guitar, bass, drums and keys, he records and engineers music, he can site-read music (which I hear is a really good way of getting hired by bands), he is an amazing song-writer and has 13+ years experience as a professional musician. Basically, my husband belongs in Music City.

Besides all of the reasons why my husband likes Nashville, why do I like Nashville? When Nick and I sent out on our adventure to find our future home, in my heart there was a checklist:

  1. I had to be able to visualize us there. When we got there I did not like it, it wasn’t what I imagined Nashville to be. I thought it was going to be a huge city…and it wasn’t. Nashville is a smaller city and it’s more spread out, in comparison to a city like New York City that is dense and stacked on top of each other. Moving to a big city was what I was day-dreaming about, so when I realized it wasn’t that, I immediately hopped on the negative thinking train and found myself certain that I did not want to move there. The next day, with my loving husbands determination and help to get me to love Nashville, we set off on an all day search to discover neighborhoods we loved. We looked at craigslist, found apartments for rent, and drove by to see if we liked the houses we could afford. By lunch time it started to happen – I could visualize us living there. On our quest, we saw some really beautiful, historic and nature-drenched neighborhoods. We also discovered it is a buyers market down there. We can actually afford what we want and begin to imagine buying a home!
  2. It has to warmer than NY. NY gets cold. Our winters last forever and get down to the single digits. And the summers never last as long as I wish they did. So in order for us to move, it had to be warmer than NY. Nashville is warm. Ok, it’s hot. But I prefer hot days over the cold winters. Today, the weather in Nashville is 90 degrees.
  3. It has to be driving distance from family. Family is so important to us and when we think of holidays and special moments in our lives, we think of our family. So when we considered moving, we really liked the idea of being close enough to family that we could drive home or they could drive to us. Lets face it, plane rides are not cheap. So if there is a weekend that we want to hop in our car and drive home, we can. Nashville is a 14 hour car trip to NY. It’s a long drive, but it’s doable. And, my brother and his expecting girlfriend (!!) live in Wilmington Beach, NC, a 10 hour drive.

What will you do about work? Gratefully, most of my work/business is internet-based, therefore I am completely mobile and will have no interruption with my work (except for the days we’re moving, of course). My husband will have to start fresh, but it’s a challenge he and I really looking forward to embarking. 

When do you leave? We move between August 27-30th.

Where in Nashville will we live? We chose the unpaved path and will pack our things and move down without a home lined up. Yes, we realize the few days after arriving in Nashville will be a bit hectic and full of phone calls, driving around and home shopping, but it matters more to us to see the place we want to live, in-person before we sign any contracts or pay any deposits.

Will we have a going-away party? Yes! We haven’t nailed down a date yet, but for those of you close enough to us who want to attend, we will create a facebook event and will be sure to announce our departure many times throughout the next month.

Well, that’s our big news! Does anyone live in Nashville, have any tips, ideas or suggestions? Anyone else making a big move?


Homsteading: How to Make and Can Jam

Making Jams Homsteading: How to Make and Can Jam

A few weeks ago my friend asked if I wanted to come over and make jam. I couldn’t say yes fast enough, and I was happy I did. It was so much fun and when we were done, we had 4 flavors and over 2 dozen jars of jam. We split the bounty in half, giving each of us 12 jars of jam. In my mind each jar was already counted for because I had so many people to thank for all of their kindness and love.

One of the wonderful things when we were canning and jamming is the reminder of how much I love to homestead. The idea of canning something — so it will last through a long blizzard when we have nothing else to eat, we will have the canned food in the basement — makes me feel accomplished, resourceful, sustainable and like I am providing for my family. That night I purchased a canning pan and have been daydreaming of my future garden in which I will harvest abundant food, berries and vegetables from and host canning parties. We will wear cute aprons, drink whiskey on the rocks and play poker while waiting for each batch to cook and can.

We followed 4 different recipes but ultimately cut out most of the pectin (if it called for it) from most of them because we desired a more preserve style (runny) spread, rather than a jam.

Here are the 4 recipes we used:

Mint Rhubarb Preserve - this jam was my second favorite. It would be perfect on top of a bagel with cream cheese or even mixed into a cocktail (mint julep perhaps?).

Blueberry Preserve - this was my favorite because there was no sugar, instead honey was used to sweeten it. And I simply love dark berries.

Strawberry Rhubarb Preserve - this jam was a tad too sweet but delicious and offered nice surprise with the lemon skins cooked right into the jam. Next time I would cut out the sugar and substitute in honey.

Ginger Rhubarb Preserve - this jam was a nice contrast to the other two berry jams, it had a nice tart bite yet still that sweetness you want in a jam. 

And here and here are a few resources we followed for canning.

Making Jams 1 Homsteading: How to Make and Can Jam

How about you, are you canning or jamming anything?


A Southern Expedition

Asheville A Southern Expedition

Asheville 1 A Southern Expedition

asheville 5 A Southern Expedition

asheville8 A Southern Expedition

asheville9 A Southern Expedition

asheville7 A Southern Expedition

Aseville 5 A Southern Expedition

Asheville 4 A Southern Expedition

Savannah A Southern Expedition

Savannah 2 A Southern Expedition

savannah5 A Southern Expedition

savannah6 A Southern Expedition

Us A Southern Expedition

Savannah 3 A Southern Expedition

Nashville A Southern Expedition

Nashville 2 A Southern Expedition

Nashville 1 A Southern Expedition

A few weeks ago, my husband and I set out on a journey to explore new cities for our future home. These are the three cities we visited. The only one we were actually scouting out was Nashville. And to be honest, I didn’t love at it first. Maybe that’s why there are only a few pictures of it.

First we visited Asheville, NC. This is home to my brother and a beautiful quaint city full of local food restaurants, music and a laid back feel all surrounded by big beautiful mountains. Although it’s not much bigger than my current city I call home, I loved it there.

Next stop was Savannah, GA. Now this place was gorgeous. The trees that garnish each street, corner and square are breathtaking. Not to mention the horse and buggies that sprinkled the streets and the historic buildings that screamed for attention. I was in love. I can’t imagine living here, but the slower paced lifestyle and southern charm made it easy to relax and enjoy our time there while attending a friend’s wedding.

Last stop was finally our possible future home, Nashville. When we arrived I was tired, hungry and it was close to 7pm. We decided to grab a bite to eat and catch up with a friend at a local bar. The food was sub-par but the company was comforting. We talked about his own experience moving to Nashville and all of what he loves about Nashville today. It was exciting to daydream as he painted a picture of what it’s like down there. I would say the biggest downfall that I noticed and was not happy about was the smoking. This particular bar allowed smoking on the outdoor porch. Yeah, I know we’re outdoors and all, but the second-hand smoke ruined the mood about every 5 minutes or so. I learned this is very common in Nashville. And some bars allow smoking indoors!

Moving on…the next morning we woke and explored the downtown city of Nashville. I was shocked at how small and touristy it was. Honky-tonk bars, Elvis manikin’s and souvenir shops infested the downtown strip. I was unimpressed, in fact I was very discouraged. After expressing this concern to my husband, we got in the car and started to explore neighborhoods and possible places where we would want to live. One place that I really liked was Historic Edgefield. There was a little cafe, a natural food store in walking distance and beautiful tree dressed sidewalks. We even witnessed the filming of the TV show Nashville.

By day three I could imagine us living there.

Today, we are planning to take our next trip to explore a completely different part of the US. We are leaving next week to fly into San Diego, CA, rent a car, then drive up the coast all the way to Seattle, WA. I will be sure to take lots of pictures and have plenty to gush about when I return.

Do you love where you live? What city do you love?


Natural Home Decor: Drying Flowers

Hanging Dried Flowers Natural Home Decor: Drying Flowers

Driend Hanging Flowers Natural Home Decor: Drying Flowers

Hanging Dried Flowers 1 Natural Home Decor: Drying Flowers

If you were to visit my home, you would find flowers or herbs hanging to dry and at least a dozen vases full of the same. It’s one of my favorite ways to add color, nature and beauty to my home.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!