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Live your dream creative coaching giveaway LIVE YOUR DREAM GIVEAWAY | 4 WEEKS OF CREATIVE COACHING

As my favorite time of year approaches, so do new resolutions, ideas, goals, and ambitions. Starting 2014 with a clean slate, renewed energy and a whole new set of goals inspires and motivates me to get all of those things I’ve been meaning to do, done.

So today, I am giving away a 4 week Creative Coaching Package that will help you get organized, clarify your vision, make more money and achieve your creative goals.

Go to my new blog to learn more and to enter.

Finding Clarity | Coaching for Creatives, Artists & Musicians

finding clarity coaching for creatives musicians and artists Finding Clarity | Coaching for Creatives, Artists & Musicians

Are you a creative that’s stuck on how to get from where you are today to where you want to go? Perhaps you want to make your craft your full-time job, but don’t know where to begin? Do you have ideas or goals in mind, but don’t quite know how to execute them? Are you preparing for a big project or business launch and need help organizing and planning for the big day?

I can help you identify your goals, conquer your fears, clarify your path and guide you from where they are today to where they want to go – I am here to help you start living your dreams doing what you love.

Today is the last day to register for my Business Coaching Sessions. Below are my discounted packages:

  • (1) 45″ Business Coaching Session for $50
  • (2) 45″ Business Coaching Sessions for $90
  • (3) 45″ Business Coaching Sessions for $120

*These prices are good till 11:59pm tonight, October 1, 2013. My typical hourly rate is $125/hour and is subject to change in the future. 

What you get: Each session includes 45 minutes of my time and expertise learning more about you, your business and your vision via Skype or phone. Through a series of questions and tools that allows you to daydream, brainstorm and find clarity - I help creatives like you uncover or rediscover your dream, assess where you are and where you wanna go and start planning out a strategy to make it happen. I also serve as a sound board to bounce your ideas off of so you don’t feel like you’re in this alone. This clarifying process is beautiful magic – your own, inner-magic that I help you discover, harness and use to make your dreams a reality.

Who is this for: These coaching sessions are geared towards creatives, artists, designers, photographers, calligraphers, illustrators, and musicians that feel stuck, uninspired, insecure or defeated trying to get from here to there and can’t quite figure out what to do next.

Why am I offering a discount: In order to gain more knowledge and training in preparation for my new business launch.

Details: This offering is limited to 3 creatives and will be scheduled to take place November and December 2013. Payment in full will be billed prior to scheduling the sessions.

How to register: In order to take advantage of these discounted offerings or to ask any questions, please email me ( [email protected] ) by 11:59pm tonight, October 1, 2013.


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Saying I Love You

BunBLOG Saying I Love You

HairBLOG Saying I Love You

BeardBangBLOG Saying I Love You

DreadBLOG Saying I Love You



Holiday Cheer & A New Year

Today, is the day. The day to be more thoughtful, more personal and more beautiful. With that mantra, I have created  a  new line of Holiday Cards & our first ever 2013 Herbal Calendar!

032 600x918 Holiday Cheer & A New Year

WallCalendar 600x408 Holiday Cheer & A New Year

149 600x427 Holiday Cheer & A New Year

twocards Holiday Cheer & A New Year

152 600x453 Holiday Cheer & A New Year

090 600x839 Holiday Cheer & A New Year

093 600x381 Holiday Cheer & A New Year

All of these items and more are available in our shop, click here. Use coupon code “TODAYISTHEDAY” to receive FREE SHIPPING on all US/domestic orders!

Hurry, this sale ends at midnight.

Save 15% Today!

nOVEMBERsALE 600x610 Save 15% Today!

In celebration of our new line coming November 12, 2012, we are now offering 15% off all of our items in our shop from now till Sunday! Go to our shop and use coupon code: ANEWNOVEMBER to receive your discount on your entire purchase from greeting cards to calligraphy to watercolor!

Stay tuned for our new line of items coming Monday November 12, 2012.