Business Card Ideas for Musicians

business card ideas for musicians design Business Card Ideas for Musicians

business card ideas for a musician Business Card Ideas for Musicians

business card ideas for a musician band 2 Business Card Ideas for Musicians

business card ideas for a musician band 1 Business Card Ideas for Musicians

business card ideas for a musician band Business Card Ideas for Musicians

One of the best ways to say “hey, I am a serious musician or band” is by having a business card.

I am currently working on my talented husband’s business cards and I am searching for inspiration, mostly on Pinterest. I searched for “musician business cards” and found some pretty terrible designs. So, I scoured simple, clean, illustration, artsy, geometric business cards and found these. I love the idea of tying a simple, modern font with some form of photography or illustration. It captures a professionalism important to a business card (especially when you’re meeting people for potential publishing or record deals), but has an artistic element important for a musicians business cards.

Are you a musician and need help creating a business card, establishing a presence or taking the leap from your day job to full-time music land? If so, I would love to hear from you. I am currently offering discounted creative business coaching sessions here (for a limited time – October 1st, 2013 is the deadline – and I have only a few spots left). I also offer everything from:

  • logo & branding design
  • blog & website design
  • album artwork & design
  • social media marketing & strategies to connect with your fans
  • consulting & coaching expertise and tools to get you from where you are, to where you want to go

Contact me today to learn more about how we can work together to help make your dreams happen: [email protected]

Choosing a Printer

choosing a printer Choosing a Printer

I love to answer questions, seriously guys I do.  I love to answer questions like what books I am recommend, how I got started, what nibs I use for calligraphy to what printers I use. Recently, I have received several emails asking me “what printer do I use” or “do you have any recommendations on where to go for printing”.

Well let me first start by saying outsourcing my printing – I mean when I chose to stop printing my designs myself at home and decided to hire other printing presses to print my designs – was one of the best decisions I ever made for my business. In the beginning, I would create these beautiful designs for my clients then print them at home with my amazing ink-jet printer. At first, it sufficed. But as I got busier and created more delicate and intricate designs and desired thicker paper to print it on, my home printer was not cutting it. Not to mention the fact I had to hand-feed any paper over 80lbs — that’s right, I would literally hand-feed 100-200 sheets of card stock through my printer in order to have beautiful, thick card stock prints. This would take hours and my undivided attention. Once they were finally printed, I then had to cut them. This was sometimes a challenge, especially for 100-200 sheets of thick card stock. Overall, I would end-up spending 6-10 hours just to get the design printed. I don’t know about you, but I did not start my business to spend hours printing — I started it because I wanted to create, paint and design beautiful things.

So, I searched high and low for a printer. My first attempt at outsourcing my prints work was a disaster. I won’t mention names, but this printing press uses digital printing, which is ok with me. But they’re quality of printing was so terrible, I could literally see the laser lines within the artwork. Of course I was on an extremely strict deadline, so when I received these and realized they were garbage I had to scramble. I found myself spending hours of time – that I didn’t have – in front of printer, printing out this design that I had relied on another printing press to complete. It was awful and stressful but I learned my lesson. No more printing or relying on anyone to print my work unless I had proofing first and a printing press I truly loved and trusted.

Through a rabbit hole of links that originally started when I was researching and reading about philanthropy and small businesses, I discovered the printer of my dreams. They had a website that was easy to understand and radically designed. These days, I judge a lot about where a business is by how current and up-to-date their website is. I believe that a website is just like a business card – if it looks terrible, then more than likely, their business is terrible. Alas, Girlie Press, Inc.! One cool tid-bit about Girlie is that they offer pro-bono services to non-profits, community organizations and to people doing great things. I loved this about them and had to learn more. So, I called them up and asked a lot of questions. After about a 30-45″ conversation with a lovely and educated employee, I realized I had found the one and they had everything I was looking for and more, including:

  • friendly, reliable, professional and [when I needed it] fast service and expertise in the printing field
  • competitive rates
  • printing methods I desired – like digital, offset (white ink, gold/metallic ink) and letterpress
  • high quality card stock and paper that I needed – or at least they could get ahold of if I needed it for special orders

I ordered my first set of prints from them back in March 2013 and haven’t looked back since. I remember my first inquiry to them was so great that, that when a few days passed without contacting them because I was busy fulfilling orders, they followed up with me to ask if I had any further questions and how they may help me. Now that is excellent customer service and I was totally impressed. You pretty much have me at hello if you have excellent customer service like that.

If you find yourself in need of a printer, here are some things that the printer will want to know (and be sure to ask for a proof first!):

  • the quantity of prints
  • the style, texture and weight or paper/card
  • the dimensions of the desired paper (they cut too!)
  • the method of printing you desire (digital, offset or letterpress)
  • If you want it in full color or black & white
  • what your deadline is
  • the file of what you want printed

Another really amazing thing that Girlie Press offers, is shipping directly to my clients. Sometimes, the deadlines are so tight that this makes a world of difference — and bonus: they mailed me a separate packet of samples of what they printed – without asking. This is a lovely perk and allows me to see the finished results while the order is in transit to my client.

I think that answers the question of ”what printer do I use” or “do you have any recommendations on where to go for printing”. Have any other questions? Feel free to email me at [email protected] and follow me on instagram for more up-to-date happenings.

Image from my Pinterest page here, credit here.

Identifying Your Role Models

role model blake mycoskie Identifying Your Role Models

Blake Mycoskie | Founder & Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS

role model kathleen shannon Identifying Your Role Models

Kathleen Shannon | Dreamer, Thinker and Life & Business Blogger

role model seth godin Identifying Your Role Models

Seth Godin | Marketing Guru + Best Selling Author

role moels deanne cheuk Identifying Your Role Models

Deanne Cheuk | Art Director & Illustrator

“If you can find a good business leader, and model some of your business activities after that person’s methods, you’ll be less likely to fail” – an excerpt from the book Launch written by Michael A. Stelzner – got me thinking of who my role models are. So… I did what I always do when I am looking to collect inspirational images – I created a pinterest board.

Role models are those individuals that people can’t stop talking about. Can you think of a few off the top of your head? When you identify them, go read their blog, sign up for their newsletters, watch them present, examine the content they create, track how they sell and grow and apply some of their best ideas to your business.

I receive several different newsletters, one of my favorites is from Kathleen Shannon of Braid Creative, called Letters for Creative Entrepreneurs. Sign up for it here.

Above are just a few of my role models, go to my pinterest board to see more.


11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio 1 1 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio book shelf 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio dresser 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio 2 copy 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio chairs 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio art 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio clipboard decor 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio ceramic vase 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio 3 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio lamp1 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

home studio plants 11 Ideas for My New Home Studio

As I settle into my new home, I begin to piece together the most important room in my house (at least to me it’s the most important – my husband probably may disagree). I have found an immense amount of inspiration from pinterest here on a board called Studio / Spaces. I have picked out top 11 and picked out several decor items that I am scouring ebay, garage and estate sales for. If my mom was here, she would have all of these at my front door by Sunday – she attends auctions and estate sales like it’s nobodies business.

  • fig. 1) I love everything about this studio. The brick walls, the red hair, the orange skirt, the rug, the everything. Someday I will have exposed brick walls. Sigh.
  • fig. 2) I need more book shelves. I have officially filled my first book shelf and need more shelving for my growing book collection.
  • fig. 3) I need a dresser. Not for clothes, but for art tools , supplies and materials. I love the look of an old, vintage style dresser without handles and low legs. I found this one etsy and of course it’s sold. I imagine I couldn’t afford the shipping alone on this anyway.
  • fig. 4) I need a reading nook. I try to read at least 30″ a day, if not more. I can’t do it at my desk, because then I feel like I am working. So for now, I’ve been retiring to my coach when I find time to read. Perhaps my garden (when it cools down – it’s been in the 80′s and 90′s here in Nashville) would be a good place to read? Thoughts?
  • fig. 5) I need chairs. One for me and one for my client for those moments when we’re brainstorming ideas of how to make their art, music or craft their job so they can start living their dreams. Yeah, those moments need chairs, and comfortable ones.
  • fig. 6) I need your artwork. Yes, I have my own artwork, but I need your artwork. I need artwork that moves me, inspired me and takes me to a place I have never imagined before. Any ideas for artwork?  This artwork is Debbie Carlos and her work is amazzzing.
  • fig. 7) I love this idea of clipboards. I suppose I don’t need this, but I love to be organized and perhaps this would be a great addition to the decor and my need to stay clean.
  • fig. 8) I need vases & jars for utensils. I have a crazy amount of pens, paintbrushes, calligraphy pens, pencils, markers…. And like I said, staying organized equals a happy life. I found this one on etsy.
  • fig. 9) I love this window, all of the old wood and chipped walls. I don’t think I could actually work it this space due to the darkness, but it seems romantic and edgy, like a place I could write my first book.
  • fig. 10) I need lamps, a lot of them. I am lucky enough to have a sun-drenched room during the day. But in reality, I am here when it’s dark too and there are zero lights/fixtures in this room except for my lonely desk lamp (that my mom gave me). I found this lamp at Ikea, but really I need this lamp times 2 plus 2 floor lamps.
  • fig. 11) I need more plants. I already have a large array of plants that made it safe all the way down south, but My mother-in-law says that having bamboo plants in your home is good feng shui. So I need to find some bamboo plants.

I would’ve posted at least 15 more images of studios and ideas I loved, but I had to post this blog at some point today. As I set off on my search for old vintage furniture, lamps, vases, plants and artwork, do you have any suggestions on where to look and what gives your home studio the perfect balance of inspiration and peace?


Never Forget

never forget 9 11 twin towers Never Forget

Music | A Weekend in Nashville

music band nashville 2 Music | A Weekend in Nashville

blank range nashville Music | A Weekend in Nashville

kin ship nashville 1 Music | A Weekend in Nashville

kin ship nashville Music | A Weekend in Nashville

music band nashville Music | A Weekend in Nashville

Our first weekend in Nashville was full of neon lights, loud music and Ithaca friends. Music Band, Blank Range and Kin Ship were the rock and roll bands who preformed and you can listen to their music by clicking their names. That’s right, it’s not all country music down here and you can read more about the flourishing indie music scene here on No Country for New Nashville.

Here is a playlist I’ve been listening to lately: Starred 

- – - – -

Are you a musician looking for some direction, help with launching your new record, booking shows, or struggling on how to finally quit your day job and start doing what you love? I can help you do that and currently I am offering Creative Business Coaching for musicians like you. Click here to learn more and how we can start working together to make your dreams a reality.

Books | I Didn’t Go to College

books1 Books | I Didnt Go to College

books 1 Books | I Didnt Go to College

books 3 Books | I Didnt Go to College

I didn’t go to college, and I have no degree. Yet, I am a successful full-time artist, designer and creative consultant and it’s because I read. A lot.

My love for reading came late in life when I was 25 and I read a book that changed my life. It had me rethinking everything and using brain muscles I never knew existed. From that day forward, I become a frequent in the self-help isle at my local libraries and bookstores. That book that changed everything was The Power of Now.

I want to share with you what I know and the books that helped me get there. So starting today, I am going to blog about the books I’ve read and the golden nuggets that I took-away from each. I will also be sharing tip and tools that helped me successfully open 2 businesses and quit my day job. These tips will help you organize your goals, think and dream big, start making money, and more. To receive these free tools and tips, subscribe to my blog on the righthand side of this blog. For daily happenings, follow me on instagram. And for daily bits follow me on twitter.


*I was inspired to join Amazon’s affiliate program by Emily’s blog post here — so if you ever purchase a book from my blog, I will receive a small referral reward. 

Home Sweet Home | God’s Garden

home sweet home Home Sweet Home | Gods Garden

“God made a beauteous garden
With lovely flowers strown,
But one straight, narrow pathway
That was not overgrown.
And to this beauteous garden
He brought mankind to live,
And said “To you, my children,
These lovely flowers I give.
Prune ye my vines and fig trees,
With care my flowers tend,
But keep the pathway open
Your home is at the end.”
- Robert Frost

Nashville, TN and this garden are now our home and we can’t wait to share more pictures and reflections as soon as we’re settled. For now see daily pictures of our new home and adventures on instagram.