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the magic of a beautiful blog1 The Magic of a Beautiful Blog

emma dime blog inspiration design The Magic of a Beautiful Blog

eva black blog design inspiration The Magic of a Beautiful Blog

breanna rose blog design inspiration The Magic of a Beautiful Blog


Ever stumble upon some really amazing stories, blog posts or content online – then you see the blog design and immediately you discount their professionalism and within moments you x-out of their site? Yeah, me too.

It’s a shame that this is a common reality. And guess what, I am GUILTY, so very guilty. My current blog feels outdated, broken and not quite me. I have finally found my voice, I have a running lists of tips, visual inspiration, spotlights and interviews I want to share with you – yet I have a blog that is not worthy of such content.

October 15, 2013 I will finally have my new [and worthy] blog up and running. It will speak my vision, my brand, my everything and I. CAN’T. WAIT.

Like Nesha of Betty Red Design says Why Your Business Needs a Killer Website – “Your website should be reeling in potential clients while you sleep”. Furthermore, a well designed and beautiful blog (well written too) is like your virtual business card – it says your professional, you value good design, who you want to work with, what inspires you and that you mean business.

As I prepare for my new business launch I scour the web for inspiration for my own blog design – I found these 3 favorites (from the top); 1. Emma Dime, 2. Eva Black Design and 3. Breanna Rose. They’re all self-designed & published by the designer/owner of the blog herself and they capture a sleek, beautiful, simple and sophisticated look that I desire. See more of my new business inspiration here and here and to learn more about the new services I offer, click here

October 15th couldn’t get here sooner. What are you preparing for today?


2 Responses to “The Magic of a Beautiful Blog”

  • Hi. Great choice of blogs. I think the interesting point about the blogs you have chosen is that they are very minimalist and let beautiful images and content do their talking. Thats certainly something I’m working on at the the moment. I find it difficult to stop myself, to remember that less is sometimes more and its most definitely quality over quantity every time. Always remember – content is key!

    For the record I already think your blog is beautiful but completely know how you feel. I keep trying on looks with my blog and feeling that its still not packing quite the punch I want.

    Looking forward to your launch!

    • Hi Nicole – you got it, content is key and less is sometimes more. I checked out your blog and it’s lovely, keep it up! And thank you for the compliment on my current blog, if you like the way this one looks, hopefully you’ll love the new one!

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